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The people
behind the success
of Diabetonic

We have a simple mission

“We want to give the world a universally accessible medical device,
which allows safe, effective, and painless monitoring of
diabetes.” –
Konstanty Marszałek, DSc, PhD, Eng.

Konstanty Marszałek,
DSc, PhD, Eng.,
Prof. AGH

An expert with over 30 years of experience in the field of vacuum methods of thin-film deposition, the creator of innovative technologies.

With his achievements of over 190 scholarly articles and 30 patents, he gained international recognition, working at Universities in Wuppertal, Dortmund and Helsinki.

He has directed numerous research projects in the European Union. Currently, he runs the AGH Photovoltaics Center and is working on the implementation of Diabetonic.

Artur Rydosz,
DSc, PhD., Eng.

For over 10 years, he has been researching non-invasive methods of diagnosing and monitoring diseases, especially diabetes. He was a research fellow at Stanford University focused on the commercialization of scientific research.

A co-author of patents, over 160 scholarly articles, and two books. He led research projects funded by Polish scientific institutions. He shares his knowledge as a diabetes educator with a certificate from the International Diabetes Federation.

And a complete
implementation team

From the prototype, through rigorous clinical trials.
From packaging, through instructions, to production.

The Diabetonic is created due to the work of a team of several dozen of
specialists, without whom such a large undertaking would not be possible.