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Let’s create a
better future for
every diabetic

Diabetonic is a technology eagerly
awaited by 600 million
people around the world.

Together we can achieve more.

783 million
patients by 2045

Diabetes is a civilization disease that does not slow down. According to the International Diabetes Federation, by 2030, there will be 643 million adults suffering from diabetes.


Diabetonic eliminates the need for frequent finger pricking, inserting sensors under the skin, and their replacement.

15.8 billion USD
and growing

It is expected that by the end of 2030, the global diabetes market will surge to USD 32.99 billion.

We have a Tuesday,
it’s hour 21:58

According to the plan, we are here…

Stage 1

Conceptual and research work

Idea. Working prototype. Internal research. Patent processes.

Stage 2

Brand. Final

Funding – Brand Building – Building the final prototype
(market-ready) – Preparations for certification

Stage 3

Certification and Clinical Trials

Concluding contracts with CRO (Contract Research Organization) – Completion of international clinical trials and obtaining international certification

Stage 4

Sales preparation

Ensuring supply of components
– Conclusion of subcontracting contracts
– Production stabilization
– Building a sales system