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The future
of glucose
monitoring is
in the breath

Our breath says a lot about our health.
We just need to know how to read it.

Diabetonic can do this.

In a single breath, we exhale more than 500 different compounds. The concentration of some of them reveals what is happening in the body and can indicate specific diseases.

Compounds such as acetone, ethanol, methanol, ethylbenzene, and isoprene are diabetes biomarkers. Their concentration in the exhaled air is linked to blood glucose level.

Diabetonic measures the concentration of diabetes biomarkers in the breath and determines the glucose level in the blood based on the algorithm.

International recognition in
the scientific world

12 patents
30 international science awards

Platinum medal

Gold medal and special award by the World WIIPA Federation President

The best discovery under the Invention and Design Competition IIDC-2017 Award

2nd place at the 20th Interventional Cardiology Workshop – New Frontiers in International Cardiology

A respite
for diabetics worldwide

International recognition in the scientific community

Relief for parents

We want children to enjoy their childhood without the continuous continual stress associated with pricking.

*minimum usage age shall be determined during clinical trials

Ease for

Choosing a prick point after years of using a glucometer is a challenge. Diabetonic allows you to forget about this matter.

Support for care systems

Expansion of a telemedical module integrated with monitoring systems for patients requiring continuous care.

Screening tests improvement

Faster, cheaper and simpler logistically. Early detection means a better future for the diabetes patients.

Stationary version

We are currently working on formalities to bring a stationary version for hospitals and clinics to the market.