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Diabetes testing
– as easy as

No needle, no blood, no stress

Carry a stylish device in your pocket
and measure your blood glucose
level straight from your breath.

More convenience
More ease

Relief for

around the world

More convenience
More ease

Relief for

around the world


The Diabetonic eliminates the pain and distress associated with traditional measures. It’s high time for some relief.


The Diabetonic is a precise tool for measuring blood sugar levels in the body, equal to traditional capillary blood tests – with a glucometer*.

*The effectiveness has been confirmed in internal studies, currently undergoing clinical trials


The Diabetonic is a convenient and discreet way to monitor your blood sugar levels anywhere you are. Without embarrassment.

Genuine evolution
in science

A new quality of
life for patients

Invasive measurement methods are unpleasant. Only parents know how difficult it is to prick their own child up to several times each and every day to measure the blood sugar level.

The problem affects nearly 600 million people worldwide.

600 000 000

potential patients

The Diabetonic, the device based on the Polish professors findings, makes the diabetics life simple again.

International scientific

12 patents
30 science awards

The device measures the concentration of diabetes biomarkers in the exhaled air, which is correlated with glucose level in the body.

The comfort of the measurement is such that you’d never wish to go back to using any invasive devices.